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Migration Kit is an online tool that offers an easy, cost effective and immediate solution for mailbox migration from one platform to another. It is an integrated end-to-end solution that allows any user to migrate his own mailbox without setups or technical intervention. It supports any mail server as source and it can migrate to the following destination mail servers: Exchange Versions from 2007 till 2019 and Office 365.

Migration Kit is developed by CODE Technologies. Its main beneficiaries are the hosting companies that offer Hosted Exchange or Office 365 services. With Migration Kit, hosting companies are relieved from all the migration hassles when acquiring a new customer and have instead a generic solution that applies to all their clients. It operates through service subscription with 3 different roles:

  • Service Provider Admin

    The hosting company administrator can purchase the number of seats needed (i.e. number of mailboxes to migrate). SP then proceeds to create accounts for each of their tenants.

  • Tenant administrator

    The tenant admin defines the list of all mailboxes required to be migrated. While the tool allows for completely automated migration, it does support also the scenario where each user can migrate their own mailbox at their own leisure. To achieve this, each mailbox user will be automatically notified through an email with information on how to access their Migration Kit account with auto-generated credentials

  • End User account

    Every mailbox user can access their account and feed in credentials for the source and destination mailboxes. Once all information is entered they can proceed with migration and follow-up on progress through the migration report.

Why Migration Kit

No Installation

Migration kit makes your migrations faster as it is an online tool ready for immediate consumption with no installation required. With Migration kit you reduce all the efforts and time needed to plan and setup your migration.


Migration Kit is a user friendly easy to use solution that requires no technical expertise

Cost Effective

Migration Kit eliminates the efforts of planning, development and customization cost per each customer migration


The user mailbox password is never exposed and neither trust nor administrative rights are given between source and destination

No Downtime

It is safe as the whole migration process happens without downtime, the source mailbox data is replicated to destination mailbox hence source mailbox remains intact during and after the migration

Migrate anytime

The user can choose any time to migrate his mailbox at their convenience

Migration Scenarios

Mailbox Item Exchange 2003, 2007, 2010, 2013 Exchange 2016 Exchange 2019 O365 IMAP POP3
Folders NR
Sub Folders NR
Drafts NR
Deleted Items NR
Sent Items NR
Outbox NR NR
Calendar NR
Contacts NR
Tasks NR NR
Notes NR NR
Journal NR NR
Rules NS* NR NR
Root Folders NR NR
Arabic Mailbox NR NR
Mac Outlook NR NR


Frequently Asked Questions

  • Migration Kit enables an automated migration of emails and data from a wide range of Sources to a wide range of Destinations. It can be accessed at anytime from anywhere and easy to Use: Sign up, configure, and initiate mailbox. It allows an encrypted migration of multiple users as well concurrently.

  • Migration Kit connects to the source and destination server’s APIs or SDKs depending on the technology. It will connect and read the content of the mailbox (mails, contacts, calendar, notes, tasks etc.) from the source and copy them to the mailboxes in the destination.

  • It supports migration from the below platforms

    • Exchange 2003/2007/2010/2013/2016/2019
    • POP/IMAP
    • Office365

  • It supports migration to the below platforms

    • Exchange 2013/2016/2019
    • POP/IMAP
    • Office365
    • Gmail

  • Yes, Trial version can be used to test the migration kit. The free trial is limited only to 5 seats and does not include any limitations

  • Additional license seats can be added to the existing subscription without loosing any data and can be done at any time even during migration

    • The minimum hardware and system requirements can be found in the user’s manual.
    • The migration kit can be installed on a physical or virtual machine and is independent from the hardware model or hypervisor.
    • The user performing the tasks needs to have impersonation rights granted on users' mailboxes.
    • Disk space requirements depend on the amount of data you want to migrate.

  • The migration kit can be installed on-premises or on the Cloud (Azure, AWS etc.)

  • Yes, Migration kit allows migration from the Exchange 2010 to Exchange 2019 without having to migrate to an intermediate environment.

  • Yes, Archive migration is supported and can be enabled from inside the migration kit

  • There are no limits of how many simultaneous migrations can be run at the same time; it all depends on the hardware, network and Exchange environment.

  • An average migration speed is 1GB per hour; however, the migration process depends on various factors like internet speed, hard disks iOPS, computing power, local routing throttling, mail server configuration.

  • Yes, Migration Kit handles migration of User’s mailboxes including their calendars.

  • Yes, both features are available. Mailboxes can be scheduled to migrate as a specific date and time. Multiple mailbox migrations can be queued in order to be executed.

  • No, Migration Kit does not change the source content and even the users can still have access to their old mailboxes.

  • Yes, the migration can happen at any time even if the user is using the mailbox. It will not affect the functionality nor the performance of the migration. A delta migration can be run at the end to migrate new mails being received while running the migration process.


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  • 5 Users
  • 4 Delta Migrations per user
  • Support Archiving Migrations
  • Support self-service Migration


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  • 10-100 Users
  • 1 Delta Migrations per user
  • Support Archiving Migrations
  • Support self-service Migration


$5 / Per User

  • 101-250 Users
  • 2 Delta Migrations per user
  • Support Archiving Migrations
  • Support self-service Migration


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  • 251-500 Users
  • 4 Delta Migrations per user
  • Support Archiving Migrations
  • Support self-service Migration


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